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Rim Khayaca


   Every year teenagers from around the world come to the United States to study as exchange students. Some wind up in Alaska where the culture shock is just that much more than it would be in the Lower 48. One of the students in Kenai this year is Rim Khayaca, a junior at Kenai Central from Beirut, Lebanon.

She spoke with KDLL’s Jay Barrett about her country and attending school here.

Shaylon Cochran/KDLL

A pending decision from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska could lead to higher rates for South Central natural gas customers.


Winona LaDuke is perhaps best known for her two campaigns for Vice President on the Green Party ticket with Ralph Nader. But when she’s not running for office, being a water rights activist or giving lectures at Kenai Peninsula College, she’s working to change the economy where she lives on the Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota, with a focus on local food and light manufacturing, like processing hemp a business LaDuke is working on now.



The Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management has finished its draft update to the all-hazard mitigation plan.

Across the globe, snow or no snow, people in northern latitudes are again preparing for the dark, cold winter season. This unique setting has produced a unique culture. Our guest today is Dr. Alan Boraas from Kenai Peninsula College, here to talk about the Culture of the North, its influence and the challenges that culture faces against a warming planet.

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Many thanks to Nelson Kempf and Keeley Boyle for performing live in the studio for our Fall Membership Drive. You can find their music on iTunes (and in the audio file below).

  Velma Bittick and Will Hightower join host Jay Barrett as they answer your questions about gardening.

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Kenai Conversation

With millions of dollars being spent by Outside interests, the debate over the Stand for Salmon Ballot Measure 1 initiative which will appear on next week's general election ballot. The League of Women Voters hosted a one-hour forum recently at the Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly chambers. 

On the Kenai Conversation this week, we have separate interviews with House District 29 candidates Shawn Butler (I) and Ben Carpenter (R). 

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On this month's Drinking on the Last Frontier, Bill looks back at the beginnings of seasonal beers and ahead to the unsure future of beer magazines. Plus, hear what's brewing at Baranoff Island, in Sitka, and Midnight Sun and Cynosure in Anchorage. Cheers!

Everything comes from something, as Agatha learns when she gets a late-night visit from some geese that are not thrilled with her new feather bed. Sally Cassano reads "Agatha’s Feather Bed" by Carmen Agra Deedy.

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