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Burkhart Croft Architects

Voters in the city of Soldotna will decide in March whether they want to take on some debt to pay for a new field house next to the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex.


Education funding. It’s the single biggest expense for the Kenai Peninsula Borough, and paying those costs with current levels of revenue is getting more and more difficult. Last year, the school district ran a deficit of about $2 million. That could be the case again this year, with a projected deficit between $1.3 million.



Willy Dunne


Earlier this fall, Hilcorp began exploring for natural gas and oil in an Anchor Point neighborhood where many own their mineral rights. That’s making it difficult for some residents and landowners near the drill site to get information about the project and any future plans Hilcorp may have.


Last Wednesday evening Kenai Police dispatch received a call from a 37-year-old man who was in a local fast-food place. His complaint was that everyone in the Spur Highway restaurant was on their cell phones and looking at what he described as “inappropriate images.” At the same time, Kenai 911 received another call from the same restaurant saying that the first man was causing a scene. Kenai police responded to the scene and contacted David T. O’Brien of Kenai.

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To an early homesteader or, especially, native Alaskans before that, there’s been a whole lot of stuff built on the Kenai the past 70 or so years. And not all of it was done with an eye toward what would be best for both humans and wildlife habitat. But we’re learning.



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