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About Us:

KDLL 91.9 FM is your noncommercial, public radio station for the central Kenai Peninsula. KDLL produces and airs a variety of local news, entertainment and music programming, as well as airing quality programming from National Public Radio, American Public Media, Public Radio International and BBC Word Service.

Management of KDLL is overseen by a nine-person Board of Directors. Directors are elected by the membership and serve three-year terms.

If you are interested in running for a director seat, call the station for more information at 907-283-8433, or email


Provide enriching & trustworthy programming.


A community of informed critical thinkers.


To inform, engage, connect, & entertain.


STEWARDSHIP: We are each responsible for wise oversight of all resources entrusted to us.

COMMUNITY: We respect & learn from the diversity of values throughout our community.

KNOWLEDGE: We are a source of educational programming that can bring facts & knowledge to our listening community.

INTEGRITY: We are the source for trustworthy & unbiased journalism.

PROGRAMMING:  We provide content that is relevant, reliable, truthful, & responsive.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE: We are committed to exceeding expectations of those we serve.