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KRSMA board responds to DEC Kenai river report

Feb 9, 2018
Redoubt Reporter



A state water report highlighting turbidity problems on the Kenai River has been met with a sharp rebuke by the local advisory board.




Photo ConocoPhillips

  The mothballed natural gas liquefaction plant in Nikiski has a new owner, changing hands officially a week ago. ConocoPhillips sold its Kenai LNG plant to its industrial park neighbor, Andeavor, which operates the crude oil refinery across the street. 

The price of the sale was not disclosed. Nor were Andeavor’s plans for the nearly 50-year-old facility. A quote from Andeavor spokesman Scott LaBelle in an announcement caught the eye of former Kenai Peninsula Borough mayoral chief of staff, Larry Persily, an expert on natural gas issues.

Pierce outlines budget proposals in Kenai

Feb 7, 2018


Borough mayor Charlie Pierce is rolling out some specific details on how to close the borough’s four million dollar budget gap. He spoke at a joint meeting of the Kenai and Soldotna Chambers of Commerce Wednesday.


Wildlife Refuge open to snowmachine use

Feb 7, 2018

Outdoor enthusiasts with more gasoline than ski wax running in their veins finally got the word they were waiting for: effective immediately, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is open to snowmachine use. Refuge Manager Andy Loranger announced the opening today (Tuesday), saying it applies to all areas of traditional snowmachine use.

  The last series of lakes in the central peninsula to be treated for invasive northern pike is the subject of a public meeting Thursday night. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will have on hand the project biologist, the area sport fishery manager, and the area research supervisor will be in attendance to answer questions. 

The public meeting will be from 5:30 to 7:30 Thursday evening at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

Libraries grow louder as mission expands

Feb 7, 2018

Libraries used to be quiet as mausoleums, with people shuffling quietly from the card catalog, to the stacks, to a straight-backed wooden chair at a table to read under harsh fluorescent lights. Stern librarians would peer over their glasses and give a “shush” at any sound.

Not so much any more.

“Libraries are not quiet any more. And there are some people who are kinda upset about that sometimes,” says Kenai Library Director Mary Jo Joiner. 

Assembly, school board get together over budgets

Feb 6, 2018


Ahead of Tuesday night’s meeting, the Kenai Peninsula borough assembly and the school board got together for a joint work session on the school district budget.

Senator Lisa Murkowski was in Kenai Friday to speak at a joint Kenai and Soldotna Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Aiport Equipment Rentals named Soldotna biz of the year

Feb 2, 2018
Jenny Neyman/KDLL


For almost 60 years, the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce has recognized local businesses during an annual awards ceremony. For the big one, the Chamber’s business of the year award, some critria need to be met.

City council restructures Soldotna City Hall

Jan 31, 2018

At last week’s regular meeting, the Soldotna City Council made a fundamental change to how city hall and the Soldotna city government is structured. The council moved oversight of the city clerk from the city manager to the city council.

As Councilwoman Linda Murphy, a one-time Alaska Clerk of the Year herself, explains, a city Soldotna’s size should be structured in this manner.

Bill Laughing Bear

This past weekend may have been the busiest of the winter. What with Native Youth Olympics, the Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race, the Arctic Winter Games, and who can forget the KDLL Annual Membership Party?

Well, on Saturday out at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge visitors center, a mushing guide turned author demonstrated his Siberian mushing set up, and talked about his new book, "An Alaskan Adventure: Tales of a Musher."

Cooper Landing Gun Club finds space for new range

Jan 30, 2018
Cooper Landing Gun Club


Sportshooters in Cooper Landing may soon have a new facility to sharpen their aim. The borough planning commission will take up a motion this week to lease 66 acres for a new shooting range.

New solar tariffs worry installers, even in Alaska

Jan 30, 2018
Harry Hagelund



The Trump administration recently announced new tariffs on solar panels. The solar industry is growing rapidly in the Lower 48, and it's gaining a foothold even in Alaska. But what the new trade policy means here depends on what part of the solar industry you’re involved in.



Cold snap backs up Kenai River

Jan 29, 2018
National Weather Service

  The Kenai River at the Soldotna Bridge entered minor flood stage several times on Thursday and Friday, according to National Weather Service measurements.

The Service issued a special weather statement Sunday warning of the rising water levels on the Kenai River as freeze-up continues. As ice forms the river, the statement says, it can build up and restrict the flow of the water, backing it up behind the ice and raising levels.

Petit takes first T-200 victory

Jan 29, 2018
Shaylon Cochran/KDLL



Girdwood-based musher Nic Petit won the Tustumena 200 Sunday with a time of 26 hours, 26 minutes.



Queen offered Soldotna manager job

Jan 26, 2018
City of Soldotna

The city of Soldotna has made a job offer for a new city manager. Stephanie Queen, who had been the interim city manager since October was selected unanimously in a special session Thursday.

Early morning earthquake causes spill in Nikiski

Jan 26, 2018

Residents along the coast of the Gulf of Alaska got a shaky wake up earlier this week. Fallout from a nearly eight point earthquake was limited to a predawn trip for some to higher ground, and no major damage was reported from the resulting tsunami wave, which topped out at less than a foot.

Econ 919: Baker Hughes tracks pulse of industry

Jan 26, 2018

The city of Kenai is looking to grow its economic base. That begins with one of the city’s more abundant resources — land. Shaylon Cochran has more on the plans to catalog and encourage development around the city:

Jay Barrett/KDLL photo

  Project Homeless Connect, a one-day outreach to the peninsula’s disadvantaged, attracted scores people to the Soldotna Sports Complex Wednesday. Frank Alioto, whose daytime job is at Central Peninsula Hospital, is a co-leader of the project.

Repairs to Kenai city dock approved

Jan 25, 2018

There was another strong earthquake felt in Kenai almost exactly two years ago, though much closer than Tuesday morning's 7.9 event, meaning it caused a whole lot more damage in the Central Peninsula.

Some of that damage occurred to the Kenai City Dock during the January 24th, 2016, 7.1 earthquake.

City Manager Paul Ostrander explained to the Kenai City Council the administration’s plan to repair the damage, using funds left over from two other, completed projects.

AK LNG — 'A long way to go,' says Williams

Jan 24, 2018

Alaska's economic future pretty much balances right now on a  natural gas pipeline running from the North Slope to Nikiski. It's the main focus of Governor Bill Walker's administration, and he's lobbied two presidents and several foreign leaders to get on board.

While the project is making progress through a recent agreement with China, it's far from a certainty, at least in the mind of local elder statesman John Williams.

The latest Alaska State Trooper Citizen Academy on the Kenai Peninsula is under way. Lieutenant Dane Gilmore of the Soldotna trooper post says the 12-week program is designed to help citizens learn about the role of troopers in the community.

"The idea is to create community awareness of the equipment and resources and limitations of the AST and the criminal justice system overall," he said.

He says the academy is important partially to dispel some misconceptions people have about the troopers.

AK LNG responds to fed's questions

Jan 23, 2018


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission now has all the documentation it needs to move to the next phase in analyzing the AK LNG Project. The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation announced Monday it had submitted the latest round of paperwork.

Sportfishing group not sold on DEC turbidity report

Jan 23, 2018
Redoubt Reporter


The draft report last month highlighting turbidity problems in the Kenai river has left most affected groups and organizations trying to figure out what to do next.

Quake off Kodiak spurs tsunami warning; all OK

Jan 23, 2018

Residents on the south end of the Kenai Peninsula, and indeed, the entire southern coast of Alaska, woke up to tsunami sirens in the early morning hours Tuesday.

The National Weather Service Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer issued a tsunami warning for the Gulf of Alaska after an 7.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak City at 12:32 a.m.

Tapping for tuition

Jan 19, 2018
Shaylon Cochran/KDLL



The latest show to hit the stage at Triumvirate Theatre, ‘Singing in the Rain’, isn’t just for entertainment. It’s the latest production for Triumvirate’s Class Act program.


Econ 919: Hilcorp planning busy 2018

Jan 18, 2018


The state Legislature gavels in amid hopes that increasing oil prices and TAPS line throughput can help quell the state's budget mess, while Hilcorp has big plans for its stake in Cook Inlet.


The International Halibut Commission, or the IPHC, will kick off its annual meeting in Portland Monday. 

School district, borough begin budget talks

Jan 17, 2018


The annual process of putting together the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District budget is underway.

Assembly approves service area board appointments

Jan 17, 2018


There are some service area boards around the borough that have had a tough time finding enough members. Sometimes finding enough members to simply conduct business.