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Community Calendar Submission Guidelines

For guaranteed placement, consider underwriting with KDLL. This is an affordable and effective option for nonprofits and businesses. Contact Jenny Neyman at 283-8433 or for more information.


The KDLL Community Calendar is a service to inform members of the community of events sponsored by non-profit organizations, community groups or government agencies. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by an editor at KDLL before appearing on the site. KDLL reserves the right to edit submissions. We will not, however, check the details of the event and do not take responsibility for inaccurate information. Please contact the station if you notice inaccurate information in event listings.

When entering events: make sure you select the proper category, submit at least two weeks prior to the event date and fill out all required information as completely as possible. Once the event is submitted and approved, it will be considered for an on-air PSA mention. Only events submitted at least 2 weeks in advance and associated with non-profit organizations are eligible for on-air PSAs. We cannot guarantee that an event will be chosen as we have limited on air availability. If your event is chosen, we will write, record, and produce everything in-house. As a free service to the community, we do not notify the organizations that have been selected for on-air PSAs. We also have no way to provide a schedule of when a PSA will be announced.

KDLL will NOT publish listings for the following:

  • Events that have a narrow appeal to a small or specialized constituency.
  • Political or advocacy events that have to do with a political party, advocacy group, candidacy, or issue. An exception may be made for a forum or debate at which all major candidates or all sides of an issue are represented.
  • Religious events, excluding concerts and other non-religious events at churches or other venues.
  • Events sponsored by for-profit organizations.

Listings for time-specific events are preferred and will take precedence over ongoing promotions, regularly scheduled meetings, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: Each Venue and each Organization is assigned a permanent record. Please don't create additional records for an already approved Venue or Organization, as those often are used by different presenting groups. For the same reason, please only use a general address, email, phone and website, if you have to create a new record. Specifics, like website links, presenter's personal phone numbers etc. belongs in the specific event fields, rather than the venue or presenting organization part.