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Econ 919: Junior Achievement helping drive the economy


By and large, kids have little direct impact on the economy. Oh sure, Mom and Dad spend a lot on them, but with little disposable income of their own, school kids’ spending power is limited.

This week on Econ 919, Jay Barrett tells us how the people at Junior Achievement are training today’s kids to be tomorrow’s financially responsible and productive members of society.

We had a choice for our weekly number and went with 289. That’s how many questions the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission still needs answered by the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation as the feds examine plans for a trans-state natural gas line.

The other option was 801. That’s how many additional questions AGDC answered for FERC just last month during the last round of paperwork reviews. Regulators are also looking for more information on Port MacKenzie and Valdez, possible alternatives as an endpoint for the gas line.

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