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Reappropriation funds dipnet infrastructure improvements

Spring may still be around the corner, with summer just a fond hope for the future, but the city of Kenai is actively working on projects to make the July dipnet season more convenient for participants. 

At last week’s meeting, the Kenai City Council voted to move funds from a completed South Beach access project, to needs on the north side of the river.

Those include projects to widen South Spruce Street and bring electrical upgrades to the North Beach, excavation and construction at the city dock ramp, and webcam work on Main Street, overlooking the mouth of the river. 

City Manager Paul Ostrander explains.

“I believe the main street utility installation is on extended Main Street above the bluff. And that camera is one we use that’s on the dipnet app and it’s online for people who want to take a look at the dipnet fishery,” he said. “This one is pointed at North Beach. I believe it captures where the green can is - in that area.”

Ostrander said the camera was active last year, but was powered by an extension cord. This $7,500 project will make it permanent.

“It’s one of the 10 or 11 cameras we that we have. And this one is specifically so that people can see the dipnet fishery on North Beach,” he said.

The Spruce Street widening and electrical upgrade portion of the appropriation pencils out at $36,300, and the dock ramp excavation at $6,200.

The $50,000 total comes from a funds transfer between the Municipal Roadway Improvement fund and the Personal Use Fishery fund. It is made available due to a reimbursement from the State of Alaska Commerce, Community and Economic Development grant.

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