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Sportsfishing restrictions highlight angling report

This week’s Central Kenai sportsfishing report is more of a list of things one cannot do on the water in pursuit of a salmon.

Of course the Kenai River personal use dipnet fishery closed at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning, which is two days earlier than scheduled.

Meanwhile, from the mouth of the river to Skilak Lake, the bag and possession limit for sockeye 16 inches or longer is reduced to one per day and two in possession effective Monday as well.

There is still no retention of king salmon in the lower Kenai River, and anglers must use a single unbaited artificial lure. They must also release the chinook immediately without taking it out of the water. King salmon fishing above Slikok Creek is closed.

On the Kasilof, it’s catch-and-release for kings as well, with the same lure and release restrictions as the Lower Kenai.

At the mouth of the Kasilof River the sockeye salmon dipnet fishery continues until August 7th. Fishermen are reminded that it is an Alaskan-only fishery and no king salmon may be retained if incidentally caught.

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