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Snowfall signals opening of KNWR for snowmachining


The recent substantial snowfall may have created issues for drivers on area roads, but for those off the roads, it has been the green flag for the snowmachine season.

  The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge announced it was open for snowmachine use just after midnight this (Friday) morning. All areas of the refuge traditionally open to snowmachining are included in the opening announcement, with the caution that many lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds are not yet frozen or not sufficiently frozen to support a snowmachine. 

Closed areas include the Swan Lake and Swanson River Canoe Systems, all areas above timberline and areas within the Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area. Once ice conditions are acceptable, Hidden, Kelly, Petersen and Engineer lakes will open to provide snowmachine access for ice fishing. 

And even though a good deal of snow has fallen, rocks and tree stumps can be hazardous in areas of less snow accumulation. Maps depicting Refuge areas open to snowmachining are available at the Refuge Headquarters on Ski Hill Road in Soldotna 

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