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Quick out as governor's Administration Commissioner

The man who once was the former chief of staff for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, and political consultant for Sen. Peter Micciche's re-election campaign, has resigned his position in Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration after he was accused of lying to a Senate committee this week about his work experience.

John Quick was named as the state’s commissioner of the Department of Administration in late November. 

Quick claims on his resume he was an owner and investor in a number of businesses in Washington State. However, the owner of one of those businesses -- Anthem Coffee & Tea -- disputes that. Janie Reynolds of Puyallup, Washington, sent a letter to several lawmakers this week, saying that Quick lied during his confirmation testimony to the Senate Finance committee. 

In the letter, she says that Quick was hired in 2011 to organize the family-owned business but that he was fired in 2012 and never had any percentage of ownership in the company.

Reynolds also says Quick lied about helping to recruit and secure investors for the company.

In the Tuesday Senate committee hearing, Sen. Kawasaki of Fairbanks first asked Quick about his resume, followed by Anchorage Sen. Weilekowski.

“I just got to ask the question because I don’t know if anybody else is going to, but you mention the first thing on your resume that you’re the co-owner of these three businesses,” Kawasaki said, “and I just need to know how your experience as an owner, a CEO of these businesses will help you guide the department. Which is a big, big department.”

Quick replied that he likes to exceed people’s expectations and take on large challenges.

Anchorage Senator Tom Begich weighed in on the revelations Thursday. 

“All of us at one time or another have been at-will employees should be held to the highest standards. If we can't meet that standard then it leaves in doubt the words that they say in committee, the words that they say to the public.”  

There are other factual errors on Quick’s resume and other online biographies. 

Quick claims that he attended Wayland Baptist University in Texas for two years and received an MBA; however the school’s registrar told APRN that Quick attended for about nine months and did not graduate. 

Before going to Juneau, Quick was Kenai Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce's chief of staff, and he’s also the registered owner of a consulting business that provided campaign assistance to Soldotna Republican Senator Peter Micciche during his re-election campaign.

However, a few hours after Quick sent his letter to the legislature, he sent another one to Dunleavy resigning from the position. In it, he says he “strongly refutes” some of the claims made against him -- but he does not want to distract from Dunleavy’s agenda.

Dunleavy has appointed attorney Paula Vrana as acting commissioner.

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