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Soldotna Council sends ammended annexation request to state

        The annexation debate surrounding the city of Soldotna is now in the hands of the state legislature and Local Boundary Commission.

The city council voted unanimously last (Thurs) night to approve an ammended annexation plan and direct the city manager to submit it to the state for consideration.

City Hall was again filled with potential Soldotna citizens decrying the annexation process as unfair and suggesting last night's vote be further postponed because of next week's municipal elections and the recent death of Mayor Nels Anderson.

But before the council voted, it removed Areas 4 and 5 from the annexation map. That 5-to-nothing vote meant that Councilman Tyson Cox, who owned property in those areas, was eligible to vote on the final measure, hence the 6-0 vote.

Councilman Justin Ruffridge said he agreed with the decision to remove the length of K-Beach from Gaswell Road to just past Red Diamond from the annexation plan.

Councilwoman Lisa Parker also supported the petition, and reminded the audience the council's vote was not the final word, as they will have opportunity to comment to the Local Boundary Commission and eventually the state legislature.

The area Soldotna is seeking to annex is now 2.6 square miles, down from 3.78 square miles before K-Beach was removed from the application.

The city manager will now file the application with the Local Boundary Commission.