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Two men arrested for Kenai kidnapping and assault

Sabine Poux

Kenai police arrested two men this weekend for kidnapping and assault.

According to an affidavit, a woman called the Kenai Police Department Saturday and reported she had been kidnapped and assaulted by two men. She said she went to Douglas Massey’s home on the Kenai Spur Highway because he owed her money for drugs. A different man, John Martin, was in the home when she arrived, and she said the two men trapped and repeatedly assaulted her. She described being assaulted with a variety of items and weapons, being hit in the face and head several times, and being threatened with rape.

The woman said she escaped to a neighbor’s house to call for help after the men fell asleep.

Police investigated the scene and found many of the weapons the woman described, as well as blood splatters and bloody clothes. In an interview with police, Massey and Martin denied taking part in the kidnapping and assault.

Police describe the woman’s injuries in the affidavit, including bruising across her body.

Martin is facing five charges: kidnapping, second degree assault, third degree assault, second degree sexual assault and a misdemeanor drug charge. Massey is facing three: kidnapping, second degree assault and third degree assault.

Martin and Massey were arraigned on Labor Day. Both have preliminary hearings scheduled for Sept. 14.

Riley Board is a Report For America participant and senior reporter at KDLL covering rural communities on the central Kenai Peninsula.
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