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Experience Tanzania at the library

The Soldotna Public Library on Binkley Street.
Sabine Poux
The Soldotna Public Library on Binkley Street.

The Soldotna Public Library is kicking off its summer reading program with an opportunity to experience a foreign country through pictures and stories. Tanzania is the largest country in eastern Africa and is the topic of Thursday’s travel log presentation.

Kim McMilin is a clerk and program coordinator at the library. She says the library began sponsoring travel log presentations over the winter.

“The theme for our summer reading program this year is ‘adventure begins at your library,’ so a travel log seemed very fitting," she said. "Even when community members can’t travel, it helps them get out, get involved and mingle with other people who have like-minded interests.” 

Winter events included travel log presentations about Brazil and Israel. Thursday’s presentation will be given by Kenai Peninsula local Ed Schmitt, who traveled to Tanzania earlier this year.

While the event is geared toward adults, McMilin says all ages are welcome.

“Travel logs, in general, help people understand a different area of the world without actually having to travel there," she said. "People are able to see what it’s like to go to a different place, they’re also able to get research on a place they plan on going to, ask questions, and really get involved.” 

The travel log presentation will be held in the library’s community room Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Hunter Morrison is a news reporter at KDLL
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