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Fall 2017: Putting central peninsula musicians center stage

For KDLL's special membership drive edition of Peninsula Performance Today, we put central Kenai Peninsula musicians center stage.

Featured in this show is a Performing Arts Society season preview, with jazz from Karen Strid, of Homer, and a violin encore by Linda Rosenthal.

And highlights from a concert at the wedding of Renee Henderson, retired choir teacher at Kenai Central High School, including:
Deb Sounart, trumpet and flugelhorn, accompanied by Tom Hooglum

Mandy Pie, singing "He’s Always Been Faithful," by Chisholm, Runyon and Groves, accompanied by Maria Allison

Eric and Mary Simondsen, trombone duo from "Cantata No. 78," by Johanne Sebastian Bach

Tomoka Raften, flute, Tammy Vollom-Matturro, clarinet and Maria Allison, piano, playing "Petit Mari, Petite Femme," by Bizet

Kent Peterson, bass, playing "Caballero" by John Merle

Maria Allison, piano, paying a Chopin nocturne

Mariannell Bassett-Dilley singing a piece by Gustav Mahler