Joy Petrie

DJ, Songs & Stories

Joy's love for music goes back as far as she can remember. She was born and raised in California and came to Alaska to visit friends in Soldotna and Kenai in 2008 and 2011. During her visits, Alaska felt like home so she decided to make it her official home in 2012. Prior to moving, she lived in Costa Mesa, California, which was situated perfectly for her to attend frequent live shows in the L.A. area. Ask any of Joy's family or friends and they will say she is always talking about music. It is routine for her to learn about artists (old and new), exploring all kinds of music and making silly playlists. If you ask her what she listens to, she would say everything from classical to blues to rock to hip-hop. Some of her favorite artists include Queen, U2, Lauren Hill, Ryan Adams, Tupac, Radiohead, Damien Jurado and John Lee Hooker.  

First album: The first tape she remembers buying was S.F.C. (a Christian rap group, Joy explains with a cringe)

Most memorable concert: Ryan Adams, Neko Case and Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl in 2006

Music she’d want if stranded on a desert island: A “mixed tape” of favorite bands/artists (see above)