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Soldotna Republican Sen. Peter Micciche is again moving to establish a buyback program for set-net permits in Cook Inlet.

The program would reduce the number of commercial set-net fishermen on the east side of the inlet. Proponents of the bill, like Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association Director Ken Coleman, say that’s to reduce pressure and create a more sustainable fishery in an area that’s been under stress for years.

“Our thought was if we could reduce our numbers, then those who would be left behind in a reduction scenario, assuming that some people would leave the fishing community, that those that are left behind would have a better chance for ongoing financial viability," he said.

Sabine Poux/KDLL

Heidi Hanson has seen a lot of rookie ice skaters this winter at the AK Sk8 Shop in Soldotna. It’s not hard to tell who’s new.

“A lot of them, I’ve tried to teach them how to put the skates on and how to lace them," she said. "They have never skated in their lives.”

Skating has become a popular answer to the winter blues in Soldotna. With the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex closed to public skate, new and experienced skaters alike are turning to the city’s natural rinks to get their fix.

The peninsula has most of what it needs for an emergency cold weather shelter. 

“The food bank is ready, willing and able to provide the evening meal and a light breakfast to go in the mornings. We have transportation available through a couple different avenues," said Leslie Rohr. She's executive director of Love INC, one of several peninsula groups that are spearheading the initiative to get a shelter going this winter.

What they’re missing is a space. And there’s not much that can happen without one.

Jenny Neyman/KDLL

Days before classes start, spring enrollment numbers at Kenai Peninsula College are about the same as they were this fall.

College Director Gary Turner says he’s hesitant to make assumptions about student behavior. But if he had to guess:

“I would say, in my opinion, that students said, ‘OK, I can do this," he said. "And many of our classes have been distanced in the past. So that’s why I think our numbers in the fall semester are just about right on target that we have right now.”

Kenai Peninsula Borough Zoom

City and borough officials have asked members of the public to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But at Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly and Kenai City Council meetings this week, many officials did not take that suggestion.