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Part 4 of TED Radio Hour episode The Food Connection

How should we ethically feed our world? Are we supposed to return to organic pastoral practices or trust new technology? Journalist Amanda Little believes the answer lies in the middle.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it's also shaped by global norms. This hour, journalist Elise Hu reflects on what's considered beautiful now, and how we'll think about beauty in the future.

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Sensitive question here - have you ever felt like you are a fraud, that everybody in your class or at your job are all somehow smarter, sharper, more in tune than you? That is called the imposter phenomenon. For NPR's Life Kit, reporter Diana Opong looks at the factors that contribute to this feeling.

DIANA OPONG, BYLINE: Before you can work through feeling like an imposter, you have to be able to identify it. And that right there is tip No. 1.