An angling report with the threat of icebergs

Sep 6, 2019

An ice-dammed lake at Bear Glacier is releasing its backed-up water, and forcing icebergs outside Bear Lagoon, and into Resurrection Bay. Boaters are encouraged to use extra caution and to be alert for floating ice when boating in Resurrection Bay. Near the lagoon there may be standing waves, strong currents and debris.
    In October 2010, a Glacial Lake Outburst was caused a 5.9 foot rise in water levels in Bear Glacier Lagoon. In August 2014, an event caused Bear Glacier Lagoon to breach the moraine which separates it from Resurrection Bay. After the outpouring of water and silt into the bay, lagoon levels dropped dramatically and caused increased calving at the Bear Glacier terminus.
    So with the caveat to keep a weather eye out for icebergs in boating lanes, coho salmon fishing has been good to fair in Resurrection Bay. The bag limit inside the bay is 6 per day and 6 in possession. It’s half that outside the bay, and you can only fish one or the other on any given day.
     Fish and Game reports some king salmon are also being caught while trolling for silvers. They remind fishermen the limit is one pre day and one in possession.
    On the Kenai River, about half the upper river reopened for the first time in about three weeks due to the Swan Lake Fire. The stretch from Cooper Landing to Sportsman’s Landing is open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fire managers said on Wednesday’s Kenai Conversation the limitation is due to the earlier sunsets of fall and dangers that still exist on and near the river. The area from Sportsman’s Landing to Skilak Lake remains closed.