Borough introduces CAP funding resolution

Aug 4, 2017

Less than a week after the Alaska State Legislature finally passed a capital budget during a special session, the Kenai Peninsula Borough introduced a resolution divvying up the Community Assistance Program money it will receive, and moved it on to its Finance Committee.

The borough was granted $426,303 and the intent of the resolution is to spread it evenly among 27 unincorporated communities.

The state program's name was changed from Community Revenue Sharing this year, and came with several new stipulations. They include having a minimum population of 25 and having at least three of seven community services, such as fire protection, emergency medical services, public road or ice road maintenance, and search and rescue. The funds go to a Native or incorporated nonprofit within the communities that are willing to provide a program or service to the public.

For example, in Clam Gulch, the Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers were identified by Mayor Mike Navarre's office as the possible community recipient. In Kachemak Selo, the Village of Kachemak Selo Water Company was identified. Kasilof has two possible community recipients, the regional historical association and the Kasilof-Cohoe Cemetery Association. The Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department-Primrose Unit was identified in that community. Many communities have just one or two organizations identified as potential recipients, though Anchor Point has eight, ranging from the winter snowmachining group, the Snomads, to the gun club and the cemetery.

Though the bulk of the funds will be spread among the 27 communities, the borough will get a 2 percent fee to cover "general administrative cost."

The final action on the resolution will come at the Aug. 15 assembly meeting.