Bridge-sitting attracts KPD attention

Aug 29, 2018

A Kenai man found himself a guest of the state Monday night after enjoying the view of the Kenai River from the wrong place.

At about 6:41 the Kenai Police Department received a report of a man sitting on the railing of the Warren Ames Memorial Bridge over the Kenai River just south of downtown. The concerned caller requested a welfare check on the man.

When officers arrived, they found 57-year-old Terre (terry) Sam Jones riding the rail.

Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, he was found to be violating conditions of his release from an unspecified prior charge and was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

He was transported to Wildwood Pretrial Facility and booked.

It was his second visit there in two days. On Sunday afternoon Jones was arrested on largely the same charges after he was found d to be darting into traffic on the Kenai Spur Highway near Forest Drive.

Calls were first received around 3:30 Sunday afternoon, but Kenai Police did not spot Jones until later when more calls came in.