Econ 919: Adding a smartphone app to your tacklebox

Jul 6, 2018

  Here on the Kenai Peninsula we take our sportsfishing seriously. People fly or drive thousands of miles for the opportunity to wet a line in our cold, fish-filled rivers, streams and inlet. Helping visitors do that is a full time job for thousands in a score of industries, and today on Econ 919, we talk with Jim Voss, the developer of a new smartphone app, Alaska Fishtopia, that is designed to take sportsfishing as seriously as the angler who uses it.


The fluctuations of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil over the past week.
Credit Bloomberg

  Our number this week is $74.15, which is what a barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil finished the day at last Friday, the highest closing price since November 2014. However, Saudi Arabia have already cut its prices by 20-cents at the urging of President Trump, who claims OPEC has been gouging America by letting the price creep up.