ECON 919 - Community health and the economy

Mar 16, 2018

  As politicians continue the war over who should and should not be entitled to health care in America, people continue to fall ill, many with little or inadequate insurance. Despite Obamacare, many still live without. On this week's Econ 91-9, Jay Barrett shares a profile of the Kenai Peninsula Community Health Services, which offers a wide range of services while it has grown exponentially and contributed millions of dollars to the economy over the years.


We wrap things up this week with the number 42,000. No, it's not the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything a thousand times over. It's how many signatures sponsors of the controversial ballot initiative "Yes For Salmon" have collected, which is quite a bit more than they need to be certified to appear on the ballot later this year. Of course, there is still the problem that the state claims the ballot initiative is unconstitutional and is challenging it in court. So if the Alaska Supreme Court rules in the state's favor, "Yes for Salmon" won't be on the ballot. It has the potential to affect the salmon economy statewide if voters approve it.