Econ 919: Pebble Prospect looking up

Aug 13, 2019

    Last week the Pebble Limited Partnership’s plan to mine for gold and copper across Cook Inlet was given a boost when the Environmental Protection Agency dropped its proposal for a preemptive veto of the project, a policy begun under the Obama Administration.
    Earlier this year, the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District hosted an industry outlook forum, where Mark Hamilton, the Vice President of External Affairs for the Pebble Limited Partnership spoke. In these excerpts of his 20-minute presentation, Hamilton talks about what he sees as misconceptions about the company, and the concessions Pebble has made in its plans to satisfy environmental concerns. It was recorded in early January.
   Our number this week is 416,000, as in the number of dollars the City of Kenai made on July’s Kenai River dipnet fishery through parking and launching fees. It was 95.5-percent of what the city had projected it would bring in this year.