Econ 919: Previewing KPEDD Economic Outlook Forum

Dec 28, 2018

The Kenai Peninsula Economic Outlook Forum is coming up on Jan. 9. Presented by the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District, the forum will be held in Homer this year. I spoke with K-PEDD's executive director Tim Dillon about the day-long gathering.

Our number this week is a small handful of figures associated with the price of oil. On Jan. 1 this year, the price of oil was $60.37 per barrel. It closed yesterday at $44.61, just above its lowest price of the year of $42.53, set on Monday. Oil's peak was $76.41 on Oct. 3. The average oil closing price over the year was $65.96. The change over the year was minus 26.17 percent. That follows a 12% increase last year and a 45% increase in 2016.