Economic Outlook Forum in Seward this year

Dec 6, 2019

Credit KPEDD

Early in the New Year the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District will present a day-long conference that features business and industry leaders reporting and reflecting on business on the Kenai Peninsula.
    Tuesday nightK-PEDD Executive Director Tim Dillion gave the borough assembly the rundown on the Jan. 8 event.
    “This is something we do every year. It'll be from 8:15 until 4:30 in the afternoon. It'll be over at AV Tech over in the Culinary Arts Building,” he said. “As most of you all know, we have moved it around the last four years. In fact, last year it was down in Homer.”
    The day is broken up into multiple blocks, with new speakers taking the podium every half-hour or so.
    “We've got a great group of presenters this year, including folks on fishing, the railroad, the census, the Center for Economic Development, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing,” he said.
    Dillion mentioned the Census Bureau will have a speaker at the forum. He also told the assembly to spread the word that there are still plenty of Census-taker jobs available.
    “There's still plenty of jobs. In fact, I was on a conference call last week that there's still plenty of opportunities if people have an interest," he said. "I know I spoke with the Department of Labor, they're going to have another open house here in the next couple of weeks over in Kenai so if you have an interest or family member has an interest, please get on over there and apply.”
    As part of his report to the assembly, Dillion also updated them that K-PEDD is working with the Governor’s office to facilitate tourism on the peninsula through a couple of projects with State Parks. One is road work between Jackalof Bay and Red Mountain, and the other is in the city of Seward, and in conjunction with the Alaska Railroad.