Fishermen question ADF&G salmon management

Jul 31, 2018

Governor Bill Walker, with microphone, addresses scores of commercial fishermen at a gathering Friday at the Cook Inlet Aquaculture building. ADF&G Commissioner Sam Cotton, left, spent a lot of time defending department management policies. So many people attended the meeting that some were forced to listen at the open windows from outside.
Credit Jay Barrett/KDLL

While Gov. Bill Walker was in Kenai on Friday, he took some time to listen to the concerns of over a hundred Cook Inlet commercial fishermen about management of salmon in the district during this year of low returns. It was a generally cordial meeting but there were many direct questions. Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotton joined Gov. Walker and was called upon several times to defend Fish and Game policy. Lack of faith in escapement policy also arose. So many fishermen questioned the department’s ability to allocate the fish fairly that Cotton promised to have the goals independently audited.