Kenai Conversation: Central peninsula says Me Too

Feb 7, 2018

From left, Susan Smalley, Dr. Kristin Mitchel and Dr. Pam Hays join the Kenai Conversation to talk about the MeToo movement.
Credit Jenny Neyman/KDLL

The #MeToo movement started raising awareness of sexual assault and harassment through social media and leaped off the Internet with events, marches and gatherings in real life. On the central Kenai Peninsula, the Many Voices organization has taken up that banner with a gathering and panel discussion held last month. Susan Smalley, a community volunteer with Many Voices, and two panelists from the event, Dr. Kristin Mitchel and Dr. Pam Hays, join host Jenny Neyman to talk about Me Too on the central peninsula.  For more information on Many Voices, including a list of resources for anyone facing abuse, visit