KPEDD on economy: 'We're on our way back'

Jan 9, 2019

The Kenai Peninsula Industry Outlook Forum is Wednesday in Homer. As we’ve mentioned on the two most recent episodes of Econ 919 the forum is an opportunity for business and community leaders to check in with each other as they try to grow the peninsula’s economy.

It’s not always easy.

“Well, I think we’ve weathered the storms. And we’re on our way back," said Tim Dillon of the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District. "There’s a lot of neat things going on.”

Dillon says industry is making headway during this Alaska economic downturn.

“You know, our friends from Hillcorp, they’ve really be able to make some headway on things," he said "You’ve got the marijuana industry that’s going gang-busters right now. The LNG project that is moving down the line — you know, we’v got a lot of support for that right now. We’re hoping with the new administration and FERC, you know that that will go well.”

And, Dillon says the tourism industry is enjoying an upswing.

“Tourism is up. I think the different chambers and tourism organizations around the borough — they’ve gone through some restructuring and things, and I think that’s worked out real well," Dillon said. "So I think we’re doing well. Can we do better? Yes we can.”

He added that leadership from the Kenai Peninsula Borough was crucial.