Many Central Peninsula names on troopers' cold case files

Oct 18, 2019

The Central Kenai Peninsula is unfortunately well-represented on the recently released list of Alaska State Trooper cold case files.
    There are four homicides from the peninsula on the list of 69 unsolved killings statewide. Florence Tagala of Kenai was killed in 1977. Theodore Goodmann of Hope was killed in 1983. Charles Talbert of Seward was killed in September 1998, and Gerald Sibley of Kenai was killed in 2002.
    There are 109 unexplained disappearances on the list, with 18 from the Kenai.
    They date as far back as 1972, when Ephin Chuylin of Soldotna was reported missing. Mary Thill of Soldotna disappeared in 1975, and two people, Scott and Amy Fandel, went missing in 1978.
    The most recent unexplained disappearance was of Soldotna’s Richard Butts, who went missing less than a year ago. Before that, Shawn Pontious was reported missing from Soldotna in 2013, and Valerie Sifsof disappeared near Hope in 2012.
    People who went missing in boating, flying, hunting or other known activities or circumstance are not included on the list.
    The Alaska State Troopers put up the unsolved homicide and unexplained disappearances on the web as a way of generating new leads.