March 2018: Getting started with birds and bees

Mar 26, 2018

A deconstructed beehive box from Sarah's Alaska Honey. If you want your own honey this year, don't waste your sweet time. Bees need to be ordered immediately.
Credit Jenny Neyman/KDLL

Spring is in the air, if not quite evident on the ground yet. We’re at least a month from digging in the dirt but if you’re planning to grow or raise your own food this year, now is the time to get started — and we’re here to help. On this month's Kenai Garden Talk, we’ve got the buzz on beginner beekeeping, some tips for your chicks and a plea for pest patrol. And if you're fresh out of patience waiting for farmer's market season, there's now a mobile option on the Kenai Peninsula, bringing produce to a parking lot near you.

Jeff Babitt visits with customers on the Veggie Bus.
Credit Jeff Babitt

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The Veggie Bus is bringing farm-fresh produce to Kenai Peninsula communities all winter long.
Credit Jeff Babitt

Find the Veggie Bus schedule on Facebook.

Cad-Re Feed has information on caring for new chicks on their website.

To report pictures and details of invasive insects, plants or diseases, visit the Cooperative Extension Service's Citizen Scientist portal on the Integrated Pest Management Program page.