'The Most Dangerous Game' and 'Gunsmoke: The Guitar'

Feb 11, 2021

The hunter becomes the hunted after a mishap at sea in Richard Connell’s 1924 classic, “The Most Dangerous Game.” Starring Ranger Fox as Rainsford, Ben Weagraff as General Zaroff and Stephen White as Whitney.

Then, Gherkin goes Western with “Gunsmoke: The Guitar.” Marshall Matt Dillon commits to protect a local guitar player — and former Union soldier — from the Confederates out to get him. With Shaylon Cochran as the narrator, Ranger Fox as Marshall Dillon, Alex Holliman as Short, Ruiari Tuite as Doc, Justin Boot as Tyler, Brian Mazurek as Chester, Ben Kirkland as Sam, Sally Cassano as Kitty and Stephen White as Pendle.