Only mop-up remains on Swan Lake Fire

Jul 31, 2019

Credit Eastern Area Type 2 Team

There was still residual smoke in the air this (Wednesday) morning as crew members from the Eastern Area Type 2 Incident Management Team wrapped up their operations on the Swan Lake Fire.
    Incident Commander Brian Pisarek took a moment to leave a video farewell to the community as they prepare to leave.
    “Our time here it has come to completion. It looks like we met the objectives given to us by the National refuge, the Chugach National Forest and the State of Alaska,” Pisarek said. “I'd like to thank the folks up in Sterling and Cooper Landing for all the cooperation. And of course, all the firefighters that came up and worked with our team, and I hope you had a pleasurable experience as we did. Thank you so much again, everybody involved in this is, and thanks.”
    The Eastern Area Type 2 team will turn operation of the fire over to a Type 3 team today. They will monitor the fire and finish the remaining work, which includes chipping and fire-line repair.
    Flight restrictions have been lifted over the Swan Lake Fire. The size of the burned area has not changed in over a week, and stands at 102,229 acres, or 160 square miles.