Peninsula reps will start meeting with committees next week

Feb 19, 2021

Homer Republican Rep. Sarah Vance at today's House floor session.
Credit Gavel Alaska

A quarter way into the legislative session, Alaska House representatives have their committee assignments. That means they can start considering and passing bills next week.

Nikiski Republican Rep. Ben Carpenter is returning to the House Finance Committee. He was on that committee in his first term as representative. It’s scheduled to meet Monday.

Freshman Soldotna Republican Rep. Ron Gillham is on the House Resources and Education committees. Homer Republican Rep. Sarah Vance is on the House Judiciary, State Affairs and Fisheries committees.

The latter committee will consider a bill that Vance filed to keep the Tutka Bay Hatchery open. Gillham also cosponsored Vance’s Tutka Bay Hatchery bill.

Since the session’s started, Carpenter, Vance and Gillham have all co-sponsored a bill that urges the U.S. to proceed with permitting in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Vance has also signed onto a bill that would temporarily waive the requirement that large cruise ships stop at Canadian ports, in light of Canada’s cruise ship ban.