Progress Days salute Soldotna's recent history

Jul 29, 2019

Al Hershberger speaks at a community BBQ at the Soldotna Historical Society Museum to kick off Progress Days. A WWII veteran, Hershberger moved to the Kenai in 1948 to work on the new highway and has lived in Soldotna since 1950.
Credit Shaylon Cochran/KDLL

Soldotna’s 62nd annual Progress Days celebration took place over the weekend. A new tradition for the even started last year, with the recognition of one of the city’s longtime residents as the weekend’s grand marshall. This year, Al Hershberger was selected for those duties by the Soldotna Historical Society.




Vice-mayor Paul Whitney delivered the proclamation, noting Hershberger's military service in Europe during World War II and his many contributions to the community over seven-plus decades, including his work relaying information to and from the Peninsula following the Good Friday earthquake in 1964.