Sockeye available to anglers again on Kenai River

Aug 22, 2018

From the ‘Better Late than Never’ files we have this item: sockeye salmon fishing on the Kenai River will open once again this year.

The announcement came Tuesday afternoon from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after the escapement exceeded 900,000 late run red salmon passing the river mile 19 sonar.

Sports Fish Cook Inlet Management Coordinator Matt Miller said the department was glad to be able to offer another opportunity for folks to fish for sockeye as the season winds down.

With the opening, the bag limit of three fish per day and six in possession is also restored. Fishing may resume after 12:01 Thursday morning. The opening does not include the confluence of the Upper Kenai and Russian rivers, where retention of red salmon ended for the year by regulation on Aug. 20.

All sockeye salmon fishing was halted on the Kenai Aug. 1 after a lagging run and restrictions and closures to all gear types that target the fish during July.

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