Tree-cutting season opening Thursday

Nov 20, 2018

With a little bit of snow in this week’s forecast, we might be able to start saying that “it’s starting to look — at least a little — like Christmas” around the Central Peninsula.

Another sure sign of the season is the opportunity to skip Black Friday and cut a Christmas Tree out on the refuge.

Credit Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

  The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge has announced that Christmas Tree cutting will be allowed on much of the refuge grounds starting on Thursday and lasting through Dec. 25.

The “allowed on much of the refuge” means no harvesting within 150 feet of a road, lake, stream, trail, campground, or picnic area. And no tree cutting is permitted in the Refuge Headquarters/Visitor Center area and along Ski Hill Road.

Trees may not be taller than 20 feet and must be taken with hand tools. In other words, leave the chainsaw at home. For aesthetic reasons, the refuge asks that trees be cut as close to the ground as possible. The bag limit is one tree per household.

For more information, contact the refuge H-Q.