Gherkin Radio Theater

Gherkin Ratio Theater brings old-time radio plays to the modern-day airwaves. Thanks to Dr. Stephen White and Mary May at Gentle Dental in Soldonta for bringing GRT to life in all its briney glory.

Gherkin Radio Theatre offers a double-header for episode four:

The hunter becomes the hunted after a mishap at sea in Richard Connell’s 1924 classic, “The Most Dangerous Game.” Starring Ranger Fox as Rainsford, Ben Weagraff as General Zaroff and Stephen White as Whitney.

Merry Christmas from the fine folks at Gherkin Radio Theater, starring Ranger Fox, Mary May, Alyssa Murphy, Shaylon Cochran and Elizabeth Huntley, with music by Derek Poppin and Maria Allison, produced by Dr. Stephen White.

Gherkin Radio Theater presents, "Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Tolling Bell," starting Starring Dr. Stephen White, Shaylon Cochran, Ranger Fox, Ben Weagraff, Mary May, Elizabeth Huntley, Alyssa Murphy and Katy Sams, with an original score by Lucia Larezza.

Welcome to the debut of Gherkin Radio Theater! Thanks to Dr. Stephen White at Gentle Dental in Soldotna for bringing Gherkin Radio Theater to life. Pandemic time on his hands turned into a fun theatrical project to bring entertainment to the airwaves.