Join Elizabeth Appleby for a discussion on backcountry ice skating — where to go, when to go, what gear to use, safety and more.

ChuChugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center

Since 2001, the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center has been providing information to keep winter recreation enthusiasts safe in the backcountry around Girdwood, Turnagain Pass and Summit Lake. 

Knowing weather and snowpack data only goes so far, though, without an understanding of how avalanches work and what forecasts mean. To bridge that gap, the information center offers periodic classes and training throughout its coverage area, and one of those classes is coming to Soldotna on Tuesday. 

Forecaster Aleph Johnston-Bloom will hold an avalanche awareness class at 6 p.m. Feb. 4 at Odie's Deli in Soldotna. 

"It's great for both people who are new to learning about avalanches and a good review. And it covers five different areas that are all part of what's called, 'know before you go,'" Johnston-Bloom said.

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Warm storm expected over south central this weekend

Dec 5, 2019


Backcountry enthusiasts were rewarded for their patience this week, with a long-awaited heavy snowfall covering much of south central Alaska. But more patience will likely be needed before the best opportunities for snow sports are ready.