The board of directors of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council is meeting in Kenai Thurs. and Fri. Though the City of Kenai doesn’t have a seat on the council, the Kenai Peninsula Borough is represented and so every few years the city of Kenai hosts a meeting.

A discussion about the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council's mission to oversee the safe transportation of oil in Cook Inlet. It was created by Congress in 1990, and was recently reauthorized for the 28th time. Host Jay Barrett's guests are Mike Munger, the executive director; John Williams, the board president; and Lynda Giguere, the director of outreach.

          The Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council has had its charter recertified for another year by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The recertification, which runs through the end of August next year, certifies CIRCAC as, quote, "an alternative voluntary advisory group permitted under the Oil Pollution Terminal and Oil Tanker Environmental Oversight and Monitoring Act of 1990.”

CIRCAC said the new recertification marks the organization’s 28th consecutive year of being granted recertification.

Alaska Department of Natural Resources


A panel of experts has been named to take a look at the pipeline infrastructure of Cook Inlet and make recommendations that will help ensure continued safe operation.

Alaska Department of Natural Resources


Some of the oldest infrastructure in Cook Inlet has been there since the early 1960’s. With the oil and gas industry showing no signs of slowing down, both the state and the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council want to know more about what condition all those platforms and pipelines are in.