Cooper Landing Community Library

Courtesy of Virginia Morgan

Each of the Kenai Peninsula’s cities has its own public library. But folks living in unincorporated communities need not travel all the way to Kenai, Soldotna, Seward or Homer to borrow a book.

Anchor Point, Cooper Landing, Kasilof, Moose Pass, Nikiski and Ninilchik have their own libraries. Unlike their city-funded counterparts, these libraries rely on grants and donations for support.

Courtesy of Virginia Morgan

Books are said to expand new horizons for readers. In Cooper Landing, the new library cards offer a vista, as well.

Each card is a small, laminated copy of a scratchboard drawing by Tony Morgan, an artist who grew up in the unincorporated riverside town and now lives in St. Helens, Oregon. It shows a book with the name of the library on it, set against the backdrop of a mountain and layers of trees. 

“The scratchboard has a clay backer on it, and it’s painted with ink, and then you go in and scratch out the parts you don’t want, basically,” Tony said.

“Then I kind of, with the color and everything, I went through and I drew it,” he added. “I think I did another hand-drawn ink layer and then just did it in my digital spot color, so it looks kind of like those WPA posters from the ’40s.”

The keychain version of the card shows the Kenai River weaving through the mountains, a view apropos of Cooper Landing.