Dave Jones

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy announced his budget vetoes just hours before the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education meet on Monday.

Assistant Schools Superintendent Dave Jones was giving the report for the absent Superintendent John O’Brien.

Governor Mike Dunleavy’s plan to block $20 million in forward-funding for Alaska school districts wound up going nowhere in the state legislature this year, and as a result, money districts have been counting on has finally arrived.

However, some — if not most — districts have already spent their portion of the allocation. Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Assistant Superintendent Dave Jones explains.

At Monday night's Kenai Peninsula Borough Board of Education meeting Superintendent Sean Dusek tried to make clear that proposed cuts in the governor's education budget would be catastrophic to the district. He suggested the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly should take steps toward helping with the problem.

This week there will likely be an acute focus on education funding in the halls of the capital. School board members from throughout the state are converging in Juneau to lobby for sustained funding. 

This year the districts are facing an even more urgent need — Governor Dunleavy wants back the $20 million that the legislature granted schools last year.