Kenai City Council

Bacteria monitoring in Kenai River funded

May 2, 2019

For a time during Wednesday night’s Kenai City Council meeting, the passage of funds to pay for water quality testing in the Kenai River this summer was uncertain. Council members felt burned by press reports last year that there was an elevated level of bacteria levels on the beaches during the dipnet season, and they blamed the Kenai Watershed Forum, which is the contractor hired to collect the water samples.

Councilman Jim Glendening explained.

Kenai to consider onsite cannabis consumption

Apr 30, 2019


The Kenai City Council will consider whether to amend its cannabis laws this week. There’s an ordinance on the agenda that would allow for onsite consumption of cannabis products in licensed businesses.

Nearly a half-a-million dollars has been spent from the Kenai Airport Terminal remodeling project’s contingency fund on asbestos abatement alone. However, the city is being reimbursed at a significant rate by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

City of Kenai administration brought forth an ordinance last week that would accept almost $409,000 from the FAA to reimburse two change orders that totaled almost $462,000.

“Almost of this is associated with asbestos abatement,” City Manager Paul Ostrander explained.

Kenai City Council adjusts investment strategy

Apr 10, 2019

The city of Kenai voted to rearrange some of its investment strategies last week in an effort to smooth out the flow of income into the city’s coffers. The changes will come to the city’s General Land Sale and Airport Land Sale permanent funds.

They’re operated much like the state’s Permanent Fund, investing an un-touchable core balance of money and withdrawing some of the earnings it generates each year to fund city operations.

City Finance Director Terry Eubank explained that the Airport Lands Fund will actually return less in coming years, but it’s for a good reason.

Plans to modify allowable uses in Rural Residential One neighborhoods in Kenai brought citizens out Wednesday night to decry what they see as a parade of conditional uses, variances, and general messing around with the mission of the city’s own comprehensive plan.

Ron Carlson is a resident of Princess Drive.