Kenai Peninsula College

KPC hosts wilderness skills course

Oct 30, 2019


There are all kinds of reasons why we may find ourselves unexpectedly outdoors and potentially not ready for it. A wilderness survival class at KPC this weekend intends to prevent that, by explaining the basics of how to stay sheltered and warm without all the comforts of a properly planned trip. 

KPC faculty vote no confidence for UAA president

Oct 14, 2019


University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen is losing support among faculty throughout the university system. The UAA Faculty Senate voted last week to recommend to the Board of Regents that Johnsen be suspended for his efforts to move the university toward a single accreditation, among other reasons. The Kenai Peninsula College Faculty Forum has already cast a vote of no confidence.


KPC lecture looks to the stars above

Oct 3, 2019


For eons, cultures across the globe have attached deep meaning to the constellations we see in the sky. It’s no different for northern cultures, who have their own mythologies surrounding the stars. A presentation at Kenai Peninsula College this week will feature a Ph.D student from Fairbanks who’s spent the last decade studying Alaska Native relationships with the cosmos. KDLL’s Shaylon Cochran spoke with Chris Cannon and has this preview.



Spring 2019: Arts Education

May 28, 2019
Kenai Peninsula College

Education budgets have been a major discussion topic this legislative session. And when the possibility for cuts to schools becomes real, arts are often at the top of the list. Cam Choy, Associate Art Professor at Kenai Peninsula College; Sadie Sprenger, art student at KPC and Chris Jenness, Art Instructor at Soldotna High School join us to talk about art in and out of the classroom.

KPC braced for more budget cuts

Feb 12, 2019


A lot of the budget talk out of Juneau has been focused on school districts around the state. But the university system is also expected to be targeted by Governor Mike Dunleavy’s forthcoming budget.