Kenai River Center

Anadromous work group to review habitat protection code

Nov 11, 2019


A new working group will review the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s code on habitat protection for anadromous streams. That section of code, last updated in some contentious votes in 2012 and 2013, called for a review every five years beginning in 2015.



For property owners and developers on the Kenai, there can be a lot of different local, state and federal agencies to deal with when it comes to your project. Many of those agencies have people working under one roof to try and make things a little smoother. Tom Dearlove is the Manager of the Donald E. Gilman River Center and he'll be retiring next month. On this week's show, Tom talks about his time at the river center and the part he wants it to play in the borough's future development.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

There can be a lot to get ready for this time of year. If you live along one of the peninsula’s many rivers and streams, maybe it’s a good time to think about how to protect that area. That’s what a handful of property owners were doing Monday at the Kenai River Center.