live music

There’s nothing left to do now but wait. After a busy final week drumming up votes to get another Levitt AMP grant for its summer concert series, the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce won’t know until Dec. 20 whether they’ll be one of the 15 recipients in 2020.

“Looks like we ended up in 14th place. We were looking at it right before, like, seconds before it closed, so we were in 14th place when it closed down,” said Andy Heuiser, events and programs director at the chamber.

Many thanks to Nelson Kempf and Keeley Boyle for performing live in the studio for our Fall Membership Drive. You can find their music on iTunes (and in the audio file below).

Many thanks to Sue Biggs, Vickie Tinker and Jack Willl, who joined us in the studio to play live for the KDLL Fall Membership Drive.