Membership Drive Audio

Special, all-local programming during KDLL membership drives.

On this fund drive science show, we learn about early Alaskans, the latest on spruce bark beetles, and a bacteria that threatens both wildlife and livestock.

Dr. Alan Boraas is our guest in the first segment discussing his contribution to the study of the earliest Americans.

Jason Moen and Matt Bowser join us for the second segment on spruce bark beetles, including results of an aerial survey this summer.

Amy Seitz and Dr. Bob Gerlach are the guests in the last segment discussing MOV bacteria.

The Kenai Performers are staging a revival "The Ballad of Kenai," which looks at the community's past and future. Host Jay Barrett welcomes Terri Zopf-Schoessler, Mike Gallagher and Don Nickel to the mic to discuss bringing back the venerable play.

Many thanks to Sue Biggs, Vickie Tinker and Jack Willl, who joined us in the studio to play live for the KDLL Fall Membership Drive.

After two years of official, legal business, trends are beginning to emerge in the nascent cannabis industry. In this hour, we hear from local producers and retailers who have figured out what's working and what isn't and what they hope to address soon with the state Marijuana Control Board.

Oct. 11, 2018: 150 years of Kenai Peninsula history

Oct 15, 2018

2017 was the sesquicentennial of the purchase of Alaska from Russia. The local history conference held that year is chronicled in a new book edited by Shana Loshbaugh, who joins us for this hour to talk about the Peninsula's more recent history.