Moose Pass

Federal Subsistence Board

Moose Pass residents could be allowed to practice subsistence harvesting on federal lands, since the Federal Subsistence Board designated the town of 240 as a “rural” community. 

Alaskans in federally designated “rural” communities are allowed to practice priority-use subsistence hunting and fishing on federal lands under the Federal Subsistence Management Program.

Up until now, Moose Pass was grouped with Seward in what was called the “Seward Nonrural Area.” Moose Pass residents who wanted to practice subsistence harvesting had to go through the state and couldn’t subsistence harvest on lands managed by the federal government.

A Fairbanks resident died in an accident yesterday on the Seward Highway.

The Alaska State Troopers identified 31-year-old Allen Solomon as the victim in a fatal collision at highway Mile 30, ear Moose Pass. The report said Solomon drove his car into the rear end of a Department of Transportation and Public Facilities road grader, which was plowing at the time, shortly after 1:30 p.m. 

Sabine Poux/KDLL

Cooper Landing and Moose Pass have been without internet and telephone service since Friday due to damaged lines near Moose Pass.

Trees fell on Chugach Electric power lines early Friday morning, triggering power outages.

Those lines were later fixed, but there are still damages to adjacent TelAlaska lines, which provide local phone service and internet to both communities. TelAlaska had to wait for Chugach Electric to fix its lines before starting on its own repairs, said TelAlaska Marketing Manager Celine Kaplan.