Nels Anderson

          After two years, former mayor Pete Sprague will be given back the gavel at Soldotna City Council meetings. He won the special election yesterday (12/17) to fill out the remainder of the late Dr. Nels Anderson's term.

   According to city of Soldotna unofficial results Sprague received 155 votes, or almost 70 percent of the total ballots cast. Candidate Charlene Tautfest received 66 votes for almost 30 percent of the vote. One write-in vote was cast.

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  On Wednesday night the Soldotna City Council voted to tack on another 45 days to the city’s prohibition against all things cannabis related.

“Basically what’s happening is we’re trying to figure out what do with marijuana in the city. And this allows us to buy a little bit more time before we have to make a decision,” said Mayor Nels Anderson. “Okay, are there any council comments? Seeing none, can we have the vote, please?”