Pebble Limited Partnership

Jenny Neyman/KDLL

Supporters and opponents of Pebble Mine are awaiting the release of the Army Corps of Engineer’s final environmental impact statement, due out later this year.

The draft statement came out last February, followed by a 90-day public comment period. Since then, the Corps has been reviewing and integrating those comments into its decision on whether or not the mine should be allowed to proceed.

Mark Hamilton, vice president of external affairs for the Pebble Limited Partnership, is optimistic the decision will fall in Pebble’s favor but not optimistic that the decision will put an end to protests over the mine.

“Well, I can tell you that Pebble is very, very confident that we will get a positive record of decision, and I can predict to you without any doubt that it will not stop any of the screams and the yells,” Hamilton said.

Econ 919: Pebble Prospect looking up

Aug 13, 2019

    Last week the Pebble Limited Partnership’s plan to mine for gold and copper across Cook Inlet was given a boost when the Environmental Protection Agency dropped its proposal for a preemptive veto of the project, a policy begun under the Obama Administration.

Pebble takes turn defending mine plan

May 22, 2019
Pebble Limited Partnership


Last week, opponents of the proposed Pebble Mine spoke to a joint meeting of the Kenai and Soldotna chambers of commerce. They highlighted concerns about the project’s potential impacts farther away from the actual mine and closer to the planned shipping operations in southwest Cook Inlet, where instead of salmon, opponents are worried about bears and a growing bear viewing industry. This week brought Pebble’s rebuttal.