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Join host Bill Howell on this month’s Drinking on the Last Frontier for a report from Frozen River Fest, a visit with Gakona Brewing Company and an apples-to-pears comparison of ciders and perries. Cheers!

Of course Betty Bunny didn't do it — the Tooth Fairy did! At least that's who the preschooler uses as her scapegoat as she tries to wriggle her way out of trouble. Sharon Mosbrucker ready "Betty Bunny Didn't Do It," by Michael Kaplan.

Follow Winston, a baby goat, as he explores the farm to find a friend of his very own. Winston meets several barn yard friends before finding his perfect match. By Whitney C. Owens, read by Sharon Mosbrucker.

What do you call a donkey with three legs? A wonky donkey, and a lot more fun in Craig Smith's book, "The Wonkey Donkey," read by Donna Shirnberg. And Sally Cassano reads "I Love You Because You're You," by Liza Baker.

January 2019: Big future for small breweries

Jan 26, 2019

On this month's Drinking on the Last Frontier, Bill and Jim Roberts, aka "Dr. Fermento," consider the big future for small breweries in Alaska, and Bill visits with two such brewers, Carey Fristoe of Black Spruce in Fairbanks, and Don Stead of Grace Ridge, in Homer. Plus, the history of winter warmers and a controversial move to ground beer-tasting flights in Haines.